The Moon Phases and how they influence us…

Ever since the beginning of time, the full moon has caused a hypnotic fascination for humanity & I dare say that it is has become more fascinating in these last years where the moon has become bigger, brighter and more beautiful each month. The full moon is absurdly beautiful in all her glory, it leaves you gaping, open-mouthed and with a feeling of wonder for being given the opportunity to gaze upon something so breath-taking and magical!

The Full Moon has a mesmerizing effect on us, almost as if it were putting us under its spell. After all, who doesn’t want to take a Moon Bath (like Morticia in the Addams Family used to do), I must confess I do that every month, it is highly energizing ?…& who doesn’t want to gaze with adoring fascination at that beautiful bright and amazing platinum disk in the sky? I know I do, because for as far back as I can remember, the Full Moon meant mystery and excitement again. As a Cancer sign (ruled by water) whose reigning planet is precisely the moon, there was always this inevitable pull from the Full Moon which at the time I could not understand. Yet, it is a fact that we are made up of 75% water and the Moon has a powerful attraction on us; & as the ebb and flow of the tides on the seas and oceans, there is also the ebb and flow it has on us.

The Moon has 8 phases, each one offers something different, but for me the Full Moon is the mother of them all. Why is it so important for us at Ilumina Stones?

I will describe the phases one by one but before that let me introduce myself, my name is Kismet de Sola, Life-Coach, Language Tutor and Translator. I am also a writer, mom, wife, etc.; and I participate with Vanessa in Ilumina Stones, so when she asked me if I could write a blog in her webpage I was thrilled. Without further ado let me explain why the phases and the Full Moon are so important.

In the times of the Old Testament, the New Moon was announced by 2 witnesses along with the high priest who would announce it by torches being lit on hills near to the Mount of Olives, and it was a job of the utmost importance because the calendar would be exact and it would take them to the Full Moon in a precise manner…The Jewish people loved to do things correctly, precisely & accurately.


  1. New Moon: New beginnings, fresh start, blank page.
  2. Crescent Moon: Intention, hopes and wishes.
  3. First quarter Moon: Challenges, decisions, actions.
  4. Gibbous Moon: Adjust, refine, edit
  5. Full Moon: Signed, sealed, stamped.
  6. Disseminating Moon: Gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm.
  7. Last quarter Moon: Release, let go, forgive.
  8. Balsamic Moon: Surrender, rest and recuperate.

The New Moon is when the moon is dark & there is no light, it’s like the blackboards we used to have at school, that were wiped clean every day. This New Moon lasts around 2-3 days and it is a time for beginnings, for starting things, for putting our thoughts in order & for setting our plan in motion; it is highly recommended that we meditate and closely look at our negative habits; if you garden then you must prune trees that are sick or plants that do not grow and we must fertilize them. We must not cut our hair in this period as it will grow fast but it will then debilitate with time, nor must we shave ourselves because hair will grow faster; things like beauty treatments, trips, studies & working on your relationship will be fruitful in the same manner as asking for a raise or going to the bank and requesting a loan.

Crescent Moon during the Crescent Moon we tell the Universe about our intentions, our hopes and our wishes. I write a Journal where I have everything jotted down and of course it changes from month to month, but it is an amazing way in which to be aware of how you grow, evolve & change. This phase is divided into 2 stages. The 1st comes 1 or 2 days after the New Moon & you will begin to see a sliver of the Moon; this is when we begin projects or Business as well as carrying out financial dealings that will see fruition in 10 days. The 2nd stage is where we see a very delicate and slim moon and it is the best time to begin a relationship.

First Quarter Moon In this phase, the body absorbs everything differently so it is not a good moment to begin a diet because it is a time for birth and growth, challenges, decisions & actions. This phase is favorable for introducing changes in old habits, ways of thinking, acting and feeling. It is a time to fertilize plants that grow above the ground because doing so during this phase will be favorable for them and you will be able to plant any variety of flower. You must clean your Aura & protect your home by carrying out blessing rituals.

Gibbous Moon in this 2nd phase which takes place 7 days after the New Moon, we adjust, refine and edit. Gibbous means MORE THAN HALF FULL. This phase helps you to resolve business situations, like signing contracts, refining pending business dealings, because it this phase one’s mind is working full time and it becomes very clear and very productive, it also strengthens friendship bonds, generates motivation that was lacking, and it is important, that as a ritual you practice the lighting of candle to ask for something, preferably at sunset because it will have more power and your invocation will be stronger. It is also an excellent moment to graft fruit trees and to move plants to other places.

Full Moon this phase means, signed, sealed and stamped.

It is the culmination and the success of everything that began during the Crescent Moon. Now we can see it in all its glory and plenitude. It is the moment of talking about important decisions and to make our feelings known. The full moon is not a time for beginning ANYTHING. It is a moment that will help us decide if something is definitively over, be it a relationship, a job or a situation. This day belongs to day 14 of the lunar process and it is believed that any medicinal plants picked during this period have greater strength. It is important not to prune trees because they may die. All that was stimulated during the New Moon and carried out during the Crescent Moon has come to its maximum development. This is the phase for taking important decisions, transacting a divorce and learning to control your stress.

Disseminating Moon: Gratitude, sharing, enthusiasm.

This is a time to be grateful, and for those close to you and who appreciate having you near you must share your intentions, telling yourself that they are already done. It is a time for deep thought, a time for closing projects and any pending things. One must be prudent and do things slowly but enthusiastically as it is a moment to renovate internal strength. It is also the ideal moment for starting a diet as your body will go along with your desires. If you have your hair cut during this period, it will grow slowly, thicker but with strengthened roots. It is also the perfect moment to transplant plants as they will be resistant and give incredible results. The extermination of weeds and insects will be a success. This phase represents a final period while at the same time it prepares you for a new cycle of experiences. You must rest and detox, it is the perfect moment for this.

Last quarter Moon: Release, let go, forgive.

This phase tells us the show is about to terminate before it begins again, but more importantly it tells us that we must let go of things, release them, not be attached to them any longer. It is a moment when we must learn to forgive with our whole heart because the only person who benefits from this is you, for many people hanging on to past hurts and hate, and rancor is a moment of evading truth and fact, there is nothing as powerful as saying “I forgive you and I liberate you” and since the moon is in the release stage it will be so. You must renew yourself and accept that it is out of your hands, that what was for you, you received, and that what was not for you, disappeared. In this phase it is very important that you trust yourself and that you nurture who you are.

Balsamic Moon: Surrender, rest and recuperate.

The moon will once more enter the dark side, and just like the moon we must become dark and still, we must surrender to what is. All our goal planning, writing, thinking, acting and doing will do no good here. It is a moment for resting and recuperating, learning to be at peace and in silence, it is difficult, but it is an amazing way to meditate. I have often thought that silence is a gift, being able to listen to your own thoughts is bliss and wealth, no interruptions of any kind because you have surrendered to all. Giving yourself the capacity to learn about what it is that you need in this phase is richness beyond your wildest dreams. We must get ready to begin again with the whole process, but different, stronger and invigorated.

I have explained what the phases mean and now I will explain why The Full Moon is important at Ilumina Stones.

Why must we recharge and energize our quartzes, stones, and semi-precious stones at this precise time?

Why must we recharge and cleanse our crystals, stones and quartzes?

We must recharge them because we wear them all month, and the Full Moon is a moment of important decisions. The Stones are transforming us and they need extra help to continue doing their healing, holistic and transmutation work. The power of the stones is amazing, and if we go back to remembering how we felt before wearing them, and how we feel now, you will agree that your life has changed, and you have moved on from stuff that was bothering you and that it no longer does because the power of the stones is too strong to be given a precise explanation of how they work, and this is where the ritual for cleansing them comes in:

Steps for cleansing your crystals during the Full Moon:

Wash them well. Submerge under a faucet in a bowl and cleanse…

Put your crystals outside. The ideal time to put them out is just after sunset, set them on a WHITE TOWEL so that the moonlight and air will come into contact with them…If you live in a place where you cannot put them outside, do the same ritual and place them on a WHITE TOWEL on the windowsill where you know the moon will shine.

Bring them in next morning…

Charge your crystals with heartfelt intentions, closing your eyes & asking for what you want them to do for you…

Give thanks and put them on again…

I must emphasize that even though it is cloudy and rainy, if there is a Full Moon but we do not see it, stones must still be recharged and energized in the same way but inside your house next to a windowsill.

One last thing, your bracelets are yours, the stones you are wearing are personal and intimate, do not permit anybody to touch them as they will transfer their energy to your stones and you will have to submerge them under water to cleanse them.

Finally, Ilumina Stones are handcrafted, quality is of the essence, and the stones are carefully selected by the owner of Ilumina Stones to carry out the work that they need to do. Quality standards are very important for us and we want to transmit that to you, so that you know that what you buy is something magical, carefully selected and with a specific idea in mind: that your life will improve and be better in all ways.

Till next time.

Kismet de Sola

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