Taking care of your bracelets

Make sure that you protect the jewelry against bumps, chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight.

Do not wear the jewelry when swimming, in a jacuzzi, sauna/steam bath, during bathing or showering.

Products such as detergents, oils, body lotions and perfumes can harm the jewelry and should be avoided while wearing your bracelet. Avoid direct contact with corrosive elements such as soap, perspiration, water, extended periods of heat, and chemical products in order to protect and maintain the shine of the gemstones, sterling silver and gold.

To clean the gemstones place your jewelry under cold running water. Gently wipe the surface clean with a soft towel. Do not leave the gemstone in water to soak and never use household cleaning products or chemicals when cleaning.

Use a special jewelry cloth for the cleaning of sterling silver and 18kt. gold. Make sure that it’s a soft, non-abrasive, micro pearl cleaning cloth for jewelry. The micro-pearls help to ensure that a deep and long-lasting shine will remain. These polishing cloths are used by the most exclusive jewelers and diamond experts. Make sure that the item that needs cleaning is free from dust and other abrasive substances such as sand. Gently rub over the surface of the jewelry with the cleaning cloth.

Each piece will connect with the wearer’s energy and should remain with the wearer exclusively. If you wish to gift after use, you must cleanse the bracelet(s) thoroughly and recharge before passing the piece onto another.

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