Rhodochrosite is a stone that calls a new love to your life, a friend or a romantic partner who is a soulmate, someone who helps us learn the necessary lessons for our higher good and growth. This stone guides one wonderfully in the pursuit of emotional happiness and it helps you to move forward after a period of doubt permitting you to express love towards others without fear of rejection. Rhodochrosite increases telepathic and mind-to-mind links between you and your family members or your loved one. It can also be used as a return crystal to generate news or contact with a lost friend, a relative or a previous love. Rhodochrosite helps you face the truth about yourself and others, without excuses or evasions but it does so with a loving conscience. It helps identify negative behaviors and patterns in progress and provides compassion and healing, forgiveness as well as an understanding of the responsibility of others for their actions.

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