Raise Your Vibration to Improve Your Life: 8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Everyday life can be overwhelming. It seems our world is moving faster and faster. The daily tasks that we must complete can drown us in a sea of anxiety or stress. Nonetheless, we can take control of how we react to circumstances or situations. When you take steps to improve yourself and how you function in the world, you become incredibly empowered and your life takes on a new energy of positivity, freedom and love. Our world is made of many things; however, at the foundation of our experience on this planet is vibration. Your vibration defines your experiences at every moment of everyday. The more one practices raising vibration, the better the daily experience. We have comprised a list of 8 ways that someone can use to raise one’s vibration. We suggest you try different methods in order to identify the one(s) that work best for you. Practice these methods and achieve positivity and better enlightenment.

  1. Thought Consciousness: Words are vibrations that we tell ourselves and others. Words are extremely powerful. Thought consciousness recognizes the words we speak and/or think within ourselves. When we speak or think negatively about ourselves or others, we are offering a low vibration into our world. We suggest challenging yourself to spending more of your time being conscious of how you are speaking or feeling about yourself. Start with a designated time period each day where you focus on your thoughts. Allow yourself to think positively and you will begin to feel an elevated energy shift. This practice may seem difficult when you first begin, but if you work on it consistently, it will become easier.
  2. Meditate: Meditation permanently enhances the frontal lobe, the more developed part of our brain. This part of our brain is linked to abstract thinking, cognitive reasoning, creativity and positivity. Meditation can relieve stress and create an overall sense of wellbeing throughout the body. Meditation does not have to take a lot of time. Studies have shown that even 5 minutes of meditation can have a positive impact on our health. We suggest trying to meditate for 5-20 minutes in the morning to achieve good vibrations throughout the rest of your day.
  3. Gratefulness: Start the day with thankful thoughts and delight in your blessings! This will set the tone for your day – watch how more and more positive experiences begin to happen. We suggest starting a gratitude journal or a gratitude jar. A great experience is emptying your gratitude jar (I do this during the holidays) and reflecting on the many things in which you have been grateful. Our world responds positively to a grateful and peaceful vibration.
  4. Energy Food: You are what you eat. This has never been more true than it is now as our foods become more and more processed. One of the main needs of the body, food also carries energy and the ways in which we eat it can affect us. The quality of our food affects the energies we absorb. We suggest eating high quality, locally sourced, organic foods whenever possible. Challenge yourself to replace a sugary snack with a handful of vegetables or a piece of seasonal fruit. If you don’t eat well, it will affect how you feel and how high your vibration goes.
  5. Audio Frequencies: We love music! Music is a great tool to use to raise your vibrations. Listen to beautiful sounds and feel how it affects your body. Every musical note carries vibration and has the potential to affect you at the core of your being. Make a point of listening to music daily. It’s one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration when experiencing a heavy day.
  6. Healing Crystals: Crystals have frequencies, some higher than others, that can be used to elevate your vibration. The benefits of crystals can be garnered in a variety of ways. We, of course, suggest wearing your crystals. The right combination of crystals can facilitate positive life changing vibration to manifest. Start by using your crystals to align your chakras. Wear your crystals daily and/or during meditation to aid with the alignment. Crystals elevate your spirit and connect you to metaphysical energies.

    Ilumina Stones has many bracelet combinations to help with raising one’s vibration. Bracelets, such as Amazona or Solaria, are made of Citrine combined with other stones, such as Amazonite and Carnelian. Citrine provides a very high vibration and is used to stimulate the first three chakras. Citrine clears and strengthens the manifestation channel allowing connection with one’s Higher Self to manifest that which is for the wearer’s highest good. Wearing these bracelets makes you feel full of life and a warmth in your soul – high vibration.

  7. Order and Clean Spaces: Maintain an orderly and clean living and workspace. This allows the vibrations to flow organically and in harmony with your surroundings. Our physical surroundings reflect our mood. Create a peaceful and joyful environment to allow for positive energies. Unclutter and let go of things that no longer serve you and allow high vibrations and abundance to flow through you.
  8. Kindness: One act of kindness can change a person’s entire day. Giving, without having any expectations of something in return is a liberating and empowering practice. In addition, it signals to the universe that you know you are living a life of abundance. Abundance is an extremely high vibration. It also raises the vibration of the person who is on the receiving end of your kindness. The following are a few examples of kindness you can try: Give a stranger a compliment. Donate towels or blankets to an animal shelter. Hold the door for someone. The list of kind acts is endless and the benefits of kindness immense. Share your joy with others!

We wish you many blessings on your journey towards good health. Strive to keep your vibration high and may you find your path enlightened. Ascend sisters and brothers.

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