Guide to recharge and energize

Because our bracelets are constantly working, they will need to be recharged with the energy of the Full Moon.

While wearing your bracelet(s), they can absorb negative energy from both you and others, they may lose strength over time, and most will need your care to be cleansed, activated and re-charged.

Steps to cleanse and recharge:
– Submerge in tap water without rubbing.
– Remove from water, place on a white towel or cloth and allow to dry.
– Set outside on a white towel or cloth allowing direct contact with moonlight and air from Sunset and during the night of the Full Moon. They may be placed on a windowsill in the moonlight if they cannot be set outside.

The owner, Vanessa Espinosa, will be providing information via our Facebook page which will guide you as to the correct manner in which to cleanse and recharge your bracelet(s).

Ilumina Stones - Vanessa Espinosa