About us Ilumina Stones - Vanessa Espinosa

Ilumina Stones was conceived by its founder, Vanessa Espinosa.  Born and raised in Mexico, Vanessa built an impressive career of more than 15 years in Marketing for Multinational companies before turning her attention to her passion, that of the holistic.

Vanessa discovered her niche when she held her first gemstones and connected with their power.  The stones resonated with her spirit and it wasn’t long until an entrepreneur was born and Ilumina Stones revealed itself as the path to helping others with well being and healing.  Vanessa left her day job to launch her own business.

Vanessa Espinosa

Vanessa Espinosa / Founder of Ilumina Stones

Vanessa’s vision for Ilumina Stones was to guide others on a path to personal wellness and healing through the power of precious and semi-precious stones and quartzes.  Her instincts were right, there are innumerable testimonies that describe how these beautiful bracelets designed with natural elements have changed people’s lives.

Ilumina Stones holds its holistic jewelry to the highest level of standards. The selection, treatment, care and shipment of its products is done under the strictest quality control guidelines, where every single detail is supervised by its founder. Vanessa personally selects and combines stones to create genuine jewelry which are not only valuable for the beauty they give but also for their restorative and therapeutic advantages. 

Vanessa will also custom make bracelets for those looking for specific help with physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Our mission at Ilumina Stones is to create genuine holistic jewelry by empowering each of our clients with unique art pieces made from the finest stones and quartzes we can find around the globe. We help our clients with their spiritual, emotional and mental development by enhancing their personal capabilities to face new challenges in connection with Mother Nature and achieving well-being.

Ilumina Stones is a fast growing international company which is committed to promoting and generating healthy advantages for each and every one of our clients through diverse art designs in combination with holistic elements. At the core foundation of Ilumina Stones is the knowledge that the advantages you will receive from our creations will be experienced at all levels of self because your personal growth will always be our main goal. Ilumina Stones accessories will soon be available throughout the world in a near future.